3 workshops to understand & implement AI in your business

What is BOOSTcamp?

A customized path to AI integration

Hyntelo’s BOOSTcamp consists of 3 co-design workshops tailored to help businesses across all industries understand and implement AI solutions to enhance their internal processes.

After an initial phase of education, examples and tech inspiration, BOOSTcamp guides companies in analyzing their specific challenges, designing customized solutions and implementing them effectively.

That’s not all. BOOSTcamp can also accelerates the assessment process to quickly identify the best opportunities for your corporate data strategy.

Who is BOOSTcamp for?

Forward-thinking businesses & AI pioneers

BOOSTCamp is specifically designed for:

  • Companies managing complex internal processes and large volumes of heterogeneous data.
  • Visionary managers looking to promote AI usage within their companies and need assistance in fostering an AI culture.
  • Businesses with multiple internal teams where AI can create cross-departmental impacts.
  • Organizations at any level of AI maturity, as BOOSTcamp adapts to your specific needs.




Online /
In person

3-level workshops

Companies can choose to participate in all three workshops or select only the ones that meet their needs.

Explore the space

We explore a vast array of topics by gathering and organizing business needs

Imagine the route

We use external insights as a guide to determine priorities and business process optimization

Land on the ground

We deliver a preliminary and actionable strategic plan to help companies meet the technological challenges of the future

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