DataMark: Driving Marketing ROI in the Automotive Industry

Our solution is able to map the entire customer engagement flow, starting from the reach rate on digital channels, through traffic inside dealerships, to the conclusion of quotes and sales contracts.
Alessia Martellacci
Data Scientist

The Company

Our client is a leading automotive company that wanted help tracking the Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. 

The Need

Up to that point, the client had been able to track customer reach on digital channels and monitor the number of quotations and sales made, but to enjoy a complete overview they wanted to measure customer traffic in dealerships as well. The whole automotive industry faces the challenge of effectively measuring the ROI of marketing campaigns.

The Solution

We developed a solution, DataMark, that maps the entire customer engagement flow, starting from the reach rate on digital channels and extending to in-person interactions at dealerships.

The key components of the solution were as follows:

  1. Smart Sensor Implementation: we successfully installed smart sensors (optical and Wi-Fi) within dealerships, enabling the measurement of critical KPIs such as attendance, dwell time, return frequency, and areas covered. We ensured the installation of smart sensors within dealerships adhered to GDPR regulations, guaranteeing the privacy and security of customer data. 
  2. Harmonized Database: we then developed a sophisticated, harmonized database that integrated various online and offline data sources. This database correlated data from digital channels, dealership interactions, quotes, and sales contracts, creating a unified view of the customer journey. 
  3. Intuitive Dashboard: our solution included an intuitive dashboard that visualized all the collected data. Through the dashboard, our client could monitor and analyze the evolution of the customer and prospect funnel from a phygital (physical + digital) perspective.

The Results

Implementing Hyntelo’s solution yielded significant results for automotive businesses aiming to track marketing ROI. The key outcomes and achievements were as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Customer Journey Insights: the solution enabled our client to map the entire customer engagement flow, from digital channels to physical dealerships. This comprehensive view of the customer journey provided valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, facilitating the optimization of marketing campaigns for higher ROI.
  2. Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making: the intuitive dashboard provided businesses with a centralized platform to monitor and analyze the customer journey. By leveraging the harmonized database and real-time insights, automotive businesses could make data-driven decisions, optimize marketing strategies, and maximize ROI.

Discover more about DataMark

I am Allessia Martellacci, Data Scientist at Hyntelo.

How to monitor traffic in automotive dealerships?
Recently we have developed an offering dedicated to the automotive world in order to track the Return on Investment of Marketing Campaigns.

Our solution is able to map the entire customer engagement flow, starting from the reach rate on digital channels to the traffic inside dealerships, up to the stipulation of estimated and sales contracts.

The two technological challenges were: the installation of intelligent sensors inside the showrooms, that have allowed us to measure the KPIs such as attendance, the frequency of customers returning, the visit duration, and the area visited, always in compliance with the GDPR regulations. And the development of a harmonized database, that synchronizes a large variety of data, whether it be online or offline.

All these data are visible in a unified and intuitive dashboard, that allows us to monitor the evolution of the prospect and client funnel, for the first time from a phygital perspective.

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