Enhancing Delivery Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

We decided to leverage artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our delivery service. To help us in this goal, we chose Hyntelo.
Mauro Abeni
IT Director
GLS Italy

The Company

GLS Italy, a prominent parcel company, is committed to continuous innovation. With a focus on improving the efficiency and accuracy of their delivery service, GLS sought to leverage artificial intelligence.

The Need

GLS Italy aimed to enhance its delivery service by leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics. The company sought to utilize geospatial data from shipments, comprising approximately 150 locations and hundreds of thousands of shipments monitored daily. The need was to develop AI models that could analyze this data and provide timely and customized notifications on expected shipment times to customers throughout Italy.

The Solution

We successfully implemented an advanced data-driven solution to address GLS’s needs. The key components of the solution were as follows:

  1. Machine Learning Models that leveraged the geospatial data from shipments. These models were trained using a daily process, incorporating a historical dataset of actual shipments from the previous four weeks. This approach ensured high accuracy in predicting expected shipment times.
  2. Through the implementation of the solution, GLS Italy was able to provide its customers with timely and customized notifications regarding expected shipment times.

The Results

The collaboration between GLS Italy and Hyntelo yielded significant results, positively impacting the company’s delivery service and overall operational efficiency. Customers throughout Italy benefited from the timely and customized notifications provided by GLS Italy. These notifications, based on the machine learning models’ predictions, allowed customers to plan and prepare for the arrival of their shipments, enhancing the overall customer experience.

I am Mauro Abeni, IT Director of GLS Italia.
GLS is a leading company in the shipping market and we consider innovation a constant commitment.

We have decided to harness artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of our delivery service, choosing Hyntelo as our partner, a solution provider that innovates through data.

We have successfully developed artificial intelligence models that train from the geospatial data of our shipments. We’re talking about approximately 150 locations and hundreds of thousands of shipments monitored every day. The training process is daily, based on the historical data from the actual shipments of the previous four weeks, to always maintain high accuracy. The objective we are achieving will allow all our customers in Italy to receive timely and personalized notifications regarding delivery times.

As the shipping industry grows, so does its complexity. Our solution? In our opinion, it lies in strong data-driven foundations.

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