Today, Hyntelo is an established solution provider, and that’s the journey that led us to this point.


The origins

Giacomo Filippo Porzio and Gianluca Nastasi, the founders of the company, first met at the TECIP institute of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa in 2010.

A few years later, they decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams together, leveraging their expertise in artificial intelligence, data analysis, and processing.


Starting up

Giacomo and Gianluca founded Sixth Sense in 2015 as a spin-off of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

Initially, it was just the two of them and their computers, but they soon welcomed entrepreneur Renato Giacobbo Scavo as their mentor. With his addition, the growth of Sixth Sense took off quickly.


Scaling up

Since 2018, Sixth Sense has experienced continuous growth each year with an increasing number of clients, better opportunities, and expanding teams and offices.

The company shifted its focus from providing professional services to developing its own proprietary products, such as Lyriko, which was launched in 2020. In 2021, Sixth Sense took another important step by completing its first Seed Round.

Hyntelo Offsite 2023

Welcome Hyntelo!

By 2022, the company had significantly grown and it was time to update its corporate identity to reflect this evolution. Sixth Sense rebranded itself as Hyntelo, with a new name and logo.

The name Hyntelo is derived from the combination of “hint” and “tell,” representing the company’s mission to uncover hidden hints and traces in data and bring them to light. The name also has a nod to the word “intelligence,” reflecting the knowledge gained from analyzing these data hints.



Hyntelo is a solution provider, assisting clients globally with a focus on the finance and life science industries. The company has a team of over 70 employees across its Rome and Pisa offices.

Our inverstors

“Hyntelo has demonstrated an high ability to understand and anticipate the dynamics of its market both at a technical and a business level.”

Michele Giordani
Founder and Managing Partner

“We believe that Hyntelo has been able to take advantage of the best opportunities offered so far by artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Antonello Carlucci

“The deep innovation capabilities and the technological know-how of the team convinced us to support the company’s scaleup.”

Marco Belletti
Azimut Libera Impresa

Our milestones

We distinguish ourselves for consolidated business relations and our capability to lead innovation

Our certifications

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certifications

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 140 countries. The vast majority of ISO standards are highly specific to a particular product, material, or process. Hyntelo meets ISO certifications through its normal practices and processes. Hyntelo has obtained Corporate certifications for ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 27001 (information security management system).

Become a Hynteller!

Our people are what make us who we are: Hyntelo is composed of young, nimble, hard-working professionals. A talented and experienced team that delivers amazing results, having fun along the way.
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