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No matter your company’s level of data maturity, we help you adopt the data-driven solutions to your needs.

Next Best Engagement & Omnichannel Orchestration

Our comprehensive support assists companies in adopting the Next Best Action paradigm. Through meticulous data assessment and integration studies with sources like CRM, suitable use cases are defined and feasibility is evaluated. Leveraging our proprietary software, we enable orchestration across active channels and customization of business goals for both salesforce and customers.

With our solution, companies can seamlessly implement Next Best Action strategies, optimizing customer interactions and driving desired outcomes.

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Content Tagging

An automatic solution that involves the process of categorizing or labeling digital content, such as documents, articles, images, or videos, with relevant and descriptive tags or metadata. This systematic classification enables efficient organization, searchability, and retrieval of content based on specific criteria or attributes.

Content tagging enhances content management systems by enabling users to quickly locate and filter information based on tags or keywords associated with the content. It also facilitates content discovery, content recommendation, and personalized user experiences. By implementing content tagging practices, businesses and individuals can streamline content management, improve information retrieval, and enhance overall content discoverability and accessibility.

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Advanced Decision Support for Sales

A sophisticated system that leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance to sales professionals in making informed decisions. This support encompasses various aspects of the sales process, including strategic planning, sales forecasting, market analysis, customer segmentation, and performance evaluation.

By analyzing vast amounts of data, this system generates actionable insights, and offers personalized recommendations, Advanced Decision Support for Sales empowers sales teams to optimize their strategies, improve sales effectiveness, and achieve better outcomes in a competitive business environment.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData StrategyLyrikoNatural Language ProcessingSoftware Development

Key Opinion Leader Database

A valuable tool for accessing a comprehensive database of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and researchers in a specific scientific therapeutic area. It offers a range of benefits, including enriching your HCP database, providing insights for product launches, prioritizing HCP contacts, and gaining qualitative insights into HCP interests.

With KOL, you can expand your network, gather relevant information for effective product launches, make informed decisions on HCP outreach, and establish meaningful connections based on shared interests. Harness the power of knowledge and unlock opportunities for growth and collaboration with KOL.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData EnrichmentLyriko

Dynamic Segmentation

A solution that allows automated segmentation to be created from a database (CRM). These segmentations can then be downloaded as an excel file or used as an input list for a marketing automation tool.

The segmentation can follow two different typologies: the first applies “and/or” filters while the second consists of setting an objective (e.g. maximum reach on a channel), and by utilizing AI, the segment is created. 

AI/MLData EngineeringLyrikoSoftware Development

e-Learning Platform

An e-training solution enabling easy access to courses and training materials for employees and customers. Our user-friendly platform features a comprehensive dashboard for real-time user monitoring and engagement analysis. With centralized content management, companies can effortlessly store and update materials. Customizable branding and permissions allow for the enhancement of learning experiences.

Empower your workforce and customers to learn at their own pace, while driving continuous development. Experience seamless access, detailed monitoring, and personalized training with our powerful e-training solution.

Data VisualizationPlatform Development

Generative AI-based Insights from Data (LyrikoGPT)

A virtual assistant, accessible through a chat-like interface, designed to provide specific information from your database. Using advanced Natural Language Processing, users can ask questions and receive clear data and insights.

Our virtual assistant empowers you to make informed decisions by extracting valuable information from your data. Experience the power of AI-driven insights, effortlessly accessing knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of your database through our intuitive interface.

Large Language Models ApplicationSoftware Development

Video Summarization

AI-powered video summarization service, revolutionizing the way you extract insights from video content. Leveraging advanced NLP techniques, we transcribe and synthesize videos, condensing lengthy footage into concise summaries. Our process includes tagging to identify key themes discussed.

You can receive personalized reports or access the generated text via our API. Experience the power of efficient video analysis, saving time and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Content SummarizationData EngineeringNatural Language ProcessingSoftware Development

Automatic PDF Report Generation

A dynamic solution that revolutionizes the process of generating personalized reports. By developing a customizable template and linking it to data sources, we enable the automatic generation of tailored reports for each defined user. Our platform seamlessly pulls relevant data from connected sources, eliminating manual efforts.

With a user-friendly interface, users can easily configure their report preferences and receive the finalized PDF reports efficiently. Experience the power of streamlined reporting, saving time and effort while delivering personalized insights to drive informed decision-making.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData EngineeringNatural Language ProcessingSoftware Development

In-store Traffic Monitoring

Our solution, specifically tailored for dealerships, analyzes the impact of marketing campaigns by leveraging internal and external data sources. Gain valuable insights into foot traffic, customer behavior, and campaign effectiveness.

With our clear data visualization, you can easily interpret and communicate the results. Make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing strategies, improve customer engagement, and boost sales.

Data AnalyticsData EngineeringData Visualization

Sentiment Analysis

Our Sentiment Analysis service is revolutionizing the way you understand customer feedback and reviews. In a customer-centric approach, monitoring customer opinions is crucial. Our advanced technology analyzes text data, such as customer feedback and reviews, to extract sentiment insights.

Gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment, identifying positive, negative, and neutral opinions. Leverage this information to optimize your strategies, improve products or services, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

AI/MLContent SummarizationData AnalyticsData EngineeringData Visualization

Healthcare Facilities Scoring

Discover our Healthcare Facility Scoring service, utilizing advanced ML models to prioritize the best options for each user. Based on factors like cost-effectiveness, proximity, patient history, and service quality, we recommend the optimal facility.

Trust our data-driven approach for informed decisions, ensuring patient satisfaction and high-quality care.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData EngineeringData VisualizationRecommendationsSoftware Development

Maturity Assessment Tool

Our Maturity Assessment tool that leverages scoring models and recommendation logic to analyze a customer’s maturity on a specific topic. Our tool evaluates the level of expertise and provides actionable insights for improvement.

Unlock valuable recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique needs, guiding them towards maturity and success. Harness the power of data-driven assessment to enhance knowledge and drive continuous growth.

Data AnalyticsData EngineeringData VisualizationSoftware Development

AI-based Object Classification for Product Recognition

With a tablet camera, our solution analyzes store shelves, utilizing advanced optical product recognition technology. Ensure proper product setup, verify displayed prices, and track inventory accuracy.

Experience seamless shelf management, optimize pricing strategies, and maintain stock levels effortlessly.

AI/MLData EngineeringIoTOptical Recognition

Data-driven Shopper Personas Definition

Our team is able to identify buyer clusters based on purchasing behavior and preferences, going beyond demographics. By analyzing factors like frequency, product types, and receipt sizes, we create data-driven shopper personas.

Tailor marketing strategies and launch new products based on these insights. Make informed decisions, optimize business strategies, and stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive service.

Data AnalyticsData EngineeringData Visualization

Predictive Model for Forecasting Shipment ETAs

An AI-driven solution revolutionized our client’s delivery service. By leveraging advanced machine learning models trained on extensive geospatial data, we ensured timely and customized notifications on shipment times for customers. With daily training using a four-week history of actual shipments, our solution guarantees high accuracy.

Experience the transformative power of a data-driven approach for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in logistics optimization.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData EngineeringPredictive Analytics

Sales Volume Forecasting for a New Product Launch

By leveraging historical sales data of similar products, we accurately estimate commercial demand, allowing you to plan production and distribution efficiently, minimizing waste. Make informed decisions, optimize inventory management, and ensure smooth operations.

Experience the power of data-driven forecasting, eliminating guesswork and maximizing profitability. Trust our service to provide reliable sales projections, enabling a successful and efficient product launch while reducing unnecessary costs.

Data AnalyticsData EngineeringData VisualizationPredictive Analytics

Enterprise Document Search Solutions

The Enterprise Document Search Solutions is designed to effortlessly search and navigate a vast array of diverse documents, including PDFs, images, Word, Excel, and more. Our intelligent search bar empowers users with guided suggestions, enhancing search accuracy and efficiency.

Each document is enriched with summaries and a set of semantic tags, providing valuable insights and context. Experience seamless document retrieval and unlock the power of comprehensive knowledge management.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData EngineeringNatural Language ProcessingSoftware Development

Data Anonymization

The Data Anonymization service ensures the protection and privacy of sensitive information. With our advanced techniques, we transform data into an anonymized format, removing personally identifiable information while preserving its utility for analysis and research.

Safeguard sensitive data, comply with regulations, and mitigate the risk of data breaches. Experience peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and privacy is upheld. Trust our Data Anonymization service to unlock the potential of your data while maintaining confidentiality and adhering to the highest privacy standards.

AI/MLData AnalyticsData Engineering

IoT App

A mobile app that revolutionizes the car ownership experience by providing car owners with a plethora of features and functionalities. By harnessing the power of car telematics, the app delivers comprehensive statistics and real-time alerts, enabling users to stay informed about their vehicle’s performance.

Additionally, our app empowers car owners to remotely control certain car functionalities, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Moreover, users can directly access customer services for immediate assistance whenever needed.

AI/MLData EngineeringIoTSoftware Development

Geo-Analytics Data Platform

A real-time, cloud-based platform that seamlessly orchestrates and consolidates territorial data from multiple sources. While Addressing the challenges faced by organizations in managing territory and regulatory constraints, our platform provides a unified solution. By leveraging advanced technologies, we overcome the limitations posed by hundreds of diverse and partially digitized data sources.

Our smart and cloud-based platform collects and analyzes territorial data at various scales, from urban to national, enhancing its interpretation and readability. With our solution, organizations can achieve a comprehensive 360° management of the territory. Enjoy centralized, scalable, cloud-based, and smart management capabilities that facilitate the day-to-day operations of competent structures, including environmental assessments and reporting tasks.

AI/MLData EngineeringSoftware Development

EyeDrive | Driver Behavior Scoring

A cutting-edge mobile app that seamlessly integrates with customers’ vehicles, effortlessly gathering comprehensive data on their driving behavior. Leveraging our proprietary algorithms, the app generates detailed user statistics and mapping for each trip undertaken. Our synthetic scoring system assesses drivers based on their driving behavior, offering valuable insights.

Furthermore, our app incorporates real-time data on weather conditions, traffic patterns, street information, and driver distractions, resulting in enhanced scores and unparalleled insights. Users can also easily track the last known position of their vehicle and benefit from the “security area” indicator.

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